The RMHA motto is that it is not about us, its about you. We are here to facilitate you creating memories, achieving goals, connecting with family and friends, and most of all, you just plain having fun.
What sets RMHA apart is the family of people that create your experience. We truly love the mountains and playing in them, it is what makes us find ourselves. We promise you won’t find a more fun, genuine, professional group of guides anywhere else. We work hard to make your trip seamless and convenient, while at the same time pouring our hearts into your experience so you can live in the moment, in the wild, right along side us.
All our back end logistics, training, and operations are planned and executed with one goal in mind: Your experience and safety. Mother nature sure helps! We do our part, and the mountains, rivers and the outdoors do the rest.
As a professional Adventure Guide company, we excel at helping you plan your perfect adventure. Not just any adventure, but truly exceptional trips filled with inspiring and enriching experiences.
We believe in seeing the world in the most unique way possible, and we want to share our knowledge and passion for the great outdoors with all of those whom we guide. Explore our site to find out more.